Our programs have proven success over and over again. Following our specific systematic path will give you the knowledge and foundation to start your business.

Business Gym
The Business Gym is an 18 module program that covers core business functions critical for success. This includes modules focused on Marketing, Finance, Legal, and Business Plan development. Frequently guest speakers visit classrooms to provide background in each area of expertise supplementing the basic business systems. Additional mentoring is available. At the end of the program you will have clear goals in mind ready to present before a bank. Watch our video testimonials from Business Gym graduates here!group4

THE VBOA is a private business networking group for Veterans who completed the 18 module Business Gym and are still running their business. However, membership is not guaranteed. Once you complete the Business Gym, existing members of the VBOA will vote you in. Being part of the VBOA is a privilege and provides access to endless opportunity, network, and resources to keep your business thriving. There is a small annual fee to join VBOA.

Venture Funding
By Successfully completing the Business Gym, and getting voted in to the VBOA, in your hands you are holding the key to term turn success. Achieved these two milestones, you may become eligible for venture funding of two forms:

Empowerment Bank – The Empowerment Bank is our own private bank and is a non-profit organization created to fund the entrepreneurial ventures of veterans by providing them access to micro-loans. We are proud to be the 1st business bank established for veterans who are members of the VBOA. The Veteran Business Owners Association (VBOA) is the umbrella association under which the Empowerment Bank exists.
Commercial Lending – In our network we have relationships with many Commercial banks. We can help you get connected to a bank that is highly likely to fund your line of business.

mike-groupBatter’s Box
Have you always dreamed of starting your own business, but are stuck? This program is for you. We will help you identify your passion and key skill sets. We have coaches and mentors to help you breakthrough this critical step and guide you to a virtuous business.

Chance Gate
At the VBOI we believe everyone can start a successful business. We have the chance gate program specifically for veterans who suffer from the consequences of being war. Successful coaching and mentorship is available for veterans with PSTD, and all other illnesses. This supplemental program has paved the way for success of many – there are no limitations.