A comprehensive understanding of the hurtles that business owners face is a quality of the Veterans Business Owners Initiative that rookie business owner Josh Read has come to appreciate the most. After meeting members of the VBOI at a Yellow Ribbon Event, Josh knew he had found the support system he needed to bring his Laundromat business to life.

Josh developed his business plan and with the support from the VBOI went to the SBA for a business loan. With advice from the VBOI, Josh was able to secure a $370,000 loan to open The Lavender Laundry; a new modern Laundromat in Taunton Massachusetts, with coin-op and debit/credit card-enabled machines, Wash/Dry/Fold service and Dry Cleaning.

Josh and his wife Lisa have not always been the entrepreneurs they are today. Josh started his career in infantry in 1991 fresh out of high school and served until 1994. After a long separation from the military, Josh joined the National Guard as a computer information specialist. He served a tour in Afghanistan and when he returned home was given a promotion as a staff sergeant at the JFHQ Massachusetts State Headquarters at Hanscom AFB in the G6.

With a recent grand opening, Josh and Lisa Read have already started to engage the community and begin to enable their marketing strategies. The Lavender Laundry website has been launched (www.lavlaundry.com) and promotional materials are being distributed. The Veteran Business Owners Initiative will continue to support The Lavender Laundry business and wish them the best of luck on their grand opening event!